Why Use Google Pay? – From making an account on Google Pay to making money, complete information!

Today’s round is of the Internet. Today, every work we do with the help of the Internet, such as shopping, mobile and DTH recharge, paying bills, sending or receiving money etc. Many mobile apps (apps) are available in the market to make money transfer, but in today’s time, we can not trust every app, because many hackers are such that creating a Fake App Can withdraw money.

So today we are going to tell you about a very big and dependable company, Google Pay (Tez). Google Pay (Tez) App is a Payment App based on the UPI launched by Google. With its help, you can easily send and receive money. The special thing is that you do not have to put money in it, it is directly linked to your bank account.

All the transactions you make in this are directly from your account. This application is safe from all other applications which are being used by all today. Whichever money you send in Google Tez App, they are cut off directly from your account and when money is received directly in your account on receipt, you can earn money by using Offers in the quick Google Pay.

So if you also want to know about Google Pay Tez, then we are going to give you complete information about Google Pay Tez Kya Hai, GooglePay / Tez App Kaise Kaam Karta and Google Pay / Tez App Se Kaise Paise Kamaye.

What is the Google Pay App?

Google Pay or Tez App is a mobile payment application that is specially made by Google for digital payment to Indians because since our country has been a note-taking, our country has been growing rapidly towards digital payments. -One country is going to be.

Google Tez App was launched in India on September 19, 2017 in the presence of our Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley and Vice President Caesar Sengupta of Next Billion User. But on August 28, 2018, Google Tez has been replaced by Google Pay.

Google Pay is neither a Wallet nor a payment bank, it’s a UPI Based App. After linking your bank account to Google Pay App, you can transfer money online to anyone at any time with the help of internet.

Google Pay Account Account

To create a Google Pay App Account first you need to have internet and a smartphone. To create a Google Pay App Account first, you have to download Google Pay App.

Step 1: Download App
If you need a bonus of 51 ₹ from Google Pay, download it from the following link.

Note: If you download the Google Pay App from the given link, then your bank account will get 51 rupees directly, or if you download Google Pay App directly from the Play Store, you will not get any bonus.

Step 2: Select Language
After Google Pay App downloads, open it and select your preferred language and then click on Next.

Step 3: Enter Mobile Number
Now you have to enter your mobile number which is registered in your bank account, after entering the number, click on Next.

Step 4: Enter Email ID
Now you have to enter your email ID, if your Gmail account is already open in your mobile, your Gmail ID will be shown automatically, then click Continue.

If your email ID is not created, then you can create your email ID with our help of this Post Email ID Kaise Banaye.

Step 5: Enter OTP
Now you will have an OTP for mobile number verification and the automated will start getting your OTP Verify. If the automatic OTP does not come, open the SMS box in your mobile and proceed by filling the OTP in the set box.

Step 6: Select Lock
Now for Tez App’s security you have to select Lock or you can either select your existing screen lock or create a new Google PIN.

Take the account to your Google Pay App. Now you are told about Google Pay or Tez App Kaise Use Kare.

Google Pay / Tez App Me Account

After creating an account on Google Pay, you now have to link your bank account to Google Pay, because the money transaction will be from your bank account only. Follow the steps described below to link bank account in Google Pay.

Step 1: Click On Profile Icon
After creating an account on Google Pay App, you will see your name at the top of its home page, click on it.

Step 2: Add Bank Account
Now you will see the Add Bank Account option click on it.

Step 3: Select Bank
After clicking on Add Bank Account, a new screen will appear in which all the banks will be listed, select the bank where you have an account.

Step 4: Create UPI PIN
Now you will see the option of Create UPI PIN, click on it. Add your ATM (Debit Card) details and make your 4-6 digit UPI PIN. UPI PIN is requested while paying.

Take your Google Pay App Me Bank Account Link, you can now pay Google Pay App Se Bill Payment to anyone and the Google Pay App Se Electricity Bill can also sit at home and Google Pay App Se’s bank Account Me Money can also be transferred. Let’s know how to use Google Pay App.

Google Pay App
First of all open Google Pay Account in your mobile, after opening a


Mobile Recharge – If you want to recharge on a mobile number, you can do this option.
Bill Payment – By using this option, you can make Bill Pay such as Postpaid, Mobile, DTH (TV), Landline, Electricity, Broadband, Gas.
Bank Transfer – If you want to send money to someone’s account, you can use this option, but for that you have the name of the person receiving the money, account number and IFSC code.
Phone Number – If you do not have anybody’s number service and you want to send money to it then you can send the money by searching the person’s number with this option.
UPI ID or QR – If someone uses any other UPI app other than Google Pay, then you can send money by scanning QR code with this option.
Google Pay Connection – The list of all the users under the option Google is using on Google.

Now let us tell you how to send bill payments and money in the bank with Google Pay or Google fast app.

Google Pay Se Bill Payment

Follow us on Google Pay App Se Bill Payment, we have explained the following about how you make Google Pay App Se Bill Payment through screenshots.

Step 1: Click On New
If you want to complete the Google Pay App Se Electricity Bill, click on New and click on Bill Payments option at the top.

Step 2: Select Bill
Now there will be a list show which you can fill by clicking on any bill you want to pay. We are going to fill the electricity bill here, we will click on it.

Step 3: Select Electricity Company Board
After clicking, you will open a list, which will be the names of all the registered companies, now you have to select the electricity board of your state.

Step 4: Enter Consumer Number
After selecting the Board of Electricity, you will have your Consumer No. Which you will find in your electricity bill, after that enter your name and click Next.

Step 5: Click On Proceed To Pay
After clicking Next, you will have a new screen open, in which you have to add Amount, after entering Amount of your bill, click on Proceed to Pay. Then enter your UPI PIN and click OK.

Take your house sitting at home, you have filled your Google Pay App Se Electricity bill, no matter how easy friends were.

Google Pay App Se Bank

It is very easy to send money from Google Pay, you can learn about how to follow our steps and send money from Google.

Step 1: Click On New
Firstly open Google Pay in your mobile. Now select the contact that you want to send money or you can also click on New to search the number that you want to send money to.

Step 2: Click On Pay
Now click on Pay option.

Step 3: Amount Enter & Proceed To Pay
After clicking on Pay, enter the amount of money you want to send and click on Proceed to Pay.

Step 4: Enter UPI Pin
Now enter your 4-6 digit UPI pin and click on OK, after the payment has been done….

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