What is WordPress? What are the advantages of WordPress?

Creating your website or blog is the dream of many people, but they do not know how and where to build the website, all the people have a different purpose behind creating a website.

Many people want to make money online through the website, then someone wants to make their own website. And there are many people who also make websites for selling their company’s products online.

Well there are many platforms to create a website, from which you can create your website, there are some paid platforms, and some are free platforms.

But WordPress is a very popular Website Platform, on WordPress you can also create Website. Almost as many websites on the Internet are built around WordPress itself. Let’s say in a little detail what is WordPress in Hindi

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a very popular blogging platform. Many companies use WordPress to create their own official website. WordPress is the best Self Hosting Login Tool in the world.

The number of people who use WordPress is very much all over the world. WordPress was started in 2003. WordPress was launched on May 27, 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

WordPress is considered to be the master of the world of blogging, WordPress is an Open Source CMS made from Php and MySQL

WordPress comes in the category of CMS. Now you should be wondering what is the CMS? CMS means Content Management System, which does not have to make you a lot of yourself, such as Theme and Template are created and which we can use easily.

If you also want to start WordPress blogging, then you will have to create a WordPress blog for it, but you do not know whether the WordPress Blog Kaise Banaye, we can tell you how you like WordPress Par Free Blog Kaise Banaye |

But before that let us tell you that you can see two types on WordPress. WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org, which many people get confused by seeing, and they do not understand what they make of either their Website or Blog. Then we tell you what is the difference between the two, which will remove your confusion.


You can create a blog at absolutely free on WordPress.Com. You do not need any web hosting and domain for this. Just like the way you do a blog on Google’s Blogger.Com, WordPress.com works.

You can create a Professional Website or Blog on WordPress. But this is a Paid service because you have to buy Web Hosting and Domain to create a website on it, only you can work on it. All the bigger bloggers work on it.

Hope you understand what the difference is between the two, if you are a new blogger and you want to learn blogging then you can use wordpress.Com (free), let us now tell you WordPress Par Free Blog Kaise Banaye

WordPress Par Blog
First of all to create WordPress Par Blog, we will have to go to the WordPress website, you can also go to the WordPress website by clicking here.

Once the WordPress website is open, you will have a Get Started option, click on it and follow our steps:

Let’s Create A Site

Now a new page will open in front of you, in which you have to enter some details, you will have to enter the name of your website / blog in the first box, then you will have to write down what topic your website is on, then select the first category Click on Continue.

Let’s Give Your Site An Address
Now you will open the second page, which will be the name of your website, now you have to select the domain name, you can click on the free domain name.

Pick A Plan
After clicking, you will come to the automatic next page where you will see the WordPress Paid Plan, you click on Start With Free at the bottom.

Create Your Account

Now this is the last step, in which you have to create your own account on WordPress, for which you have to enter your email ID and create a new password, then click on Continue.

Take your WordPress Par Free Blog ready, now you will just have a verification link on your Email Id that you have to open, and after that your WordPress Blog will be fully completed, after that you can do WordPress Blogging.

WordPress Par Blog Banane Ke Fayde

Let’s now tell you what the WordPress Par Blog Banane Ke Fayde is:

Easy Start
In WordPress, when you log in to the hosting panel, you see the option of wordpress where you can install your WordPress templates.

SEO Friendly
You can do SEO very well on your WordPress website, for this you just need to install a plugin. WordPress helps make our website Seo Friendly.

Many Design
In WordPress, you get lots of themes for your website. In addition to this, you will find lots of templates in the WordPress website, which is already Responsive and Mobile Friendly.

Apart from this, WordPress Par Blog Banane Ke Fayde is quite a lot, if you are starting at the new blogger, then you have free Blogger and WordPress for you.

If you want to create a website on Google (Blogger)

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