What is tinder? How to create an account on Tinder

Nowadays all the work has become easier through internet. We can do most of this online only. We are sitting at home by Online Shopping, Online Recharge, Online Booking and many more things that can do. And through this you can also make friends with unknown people.

Internet has provided us a lot of features. Most of our work gets settled in the house. And we do not even need to go anywhere for that. You can also make friends with someone using these apps. And through whom you want to talk, you can do this app.

So let’s know what Tinder App is doing if you are thinking about using this app too. And want to download this app. So this post is what Tinder In Hindi reads from beginning to end. You will definitely get all of this information in it.

What is tangent

This is a Online Dating App. Through it, you can make friends by talking to someone. And you can find people around you, whoever uses this app.

If you want to befriend a boy or girl around you, and if they also use this app then you can make friends with them.

If you go out somewhere then this app helps you to make friends with people around you. With this help you can make Relation to anyone.

And this is a very good app for dating. If you also like to befriend new people, then use this app.

Tinder App Kaise Download Kare
Follow the steps below to download Tinder App.

Download Tinder App – First download Tinder App.
Install App – Now after downloading the App, install it.
Open App – Now you can use it by opening this app.
Tinder Par Account Kaise Banaye
After downloading Tinder App, it is necessary to create an account on it to use it. So let’s know Tinder App Me Account Kaise Banaye Follow the steps below for this.

Open App
First of all open this App.

Connect Facebook ID
Now, to create an account on this, you have to connect this app to your Facebook ID.

Update Facebook Account
Keep your Facebook Account up to date. Because it uses your Facebook data. Like your friend, age, place and your choice is taken from the Facebook ID

Login App
After the Facebook ID is connected, you are logged into the Tinder App. And this creates an account on your Tinder App.

Tender Kaise Use Kare

You have created an account on Tinder App. Now how you use it after creating an account on it. This is what we are telling you next.

Set Location
First of all turn on GPS on your mobile. And set the location. Which makes it easier to know the people around you.

Open Setting Menu
Go to Setting Options. And in it you can set your Profile, Gender, Message Setting and all Setting according to your own.

Select Profile Photo
Select Your Profile Photo. Apply Your Good Profile Photo
Edit Text
In it you can edit your photo. You can also shorten the profile.

Select Gender
In this, select Male / Female.

Search Box
Enter the name of the person you want to search in the Search Box. Find More

Send A Message
You want to Send Message Then go to Menu and you can send Message from Message option.

In it, you can do any similar profile like, dislike and super like and when you use this app you will learn to run it properly. So in this way you can use this app.

Is there Tinder Free?

Tinder is an absolutely free app. You can use this app without paying. And you can download it in free. But you have to pay money to take advantage of some of its features.

Tinder App Ke Fayde
There are also some advantages of using the Tinder App, which are described below.

Using this app gives you a chance to make friends with your kind of people. You can do a friendship as per your choice.
It is also very easy to use. Especially designed for mobile users. Which you can easily use.
This app runs on both Ios and Android operating systems.
If you travel somewhere outdoors then you are easy to talk to new people.
The best advantage of this is that it only shows the people around you. From which you can know which of the people around you are interested in it.
Tinder App Ke Features
There are also some features of Tinder App.

And we are telling you what features are available in this app.

If you swipe left side in this feature, then it means that you have rejected the person in front. And if you do Right Side Swipe, then it means Like Like You can Like Someone’s Profile.

Super Likes
If you really like someone then you can use this feature.

If you use this feature, it will help you see your profile at the top. Your profile will be at the top of all those people who use this app in your area.

Swipe With Friends
You can also search any Friend Group in it. And you can also create your Friends Group

Once you match someone or you talk to a group

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