What is the URL Shortener Webseite? How to earn money from url shortener website?

URL Shortener Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Through today’s post we will try to give you complete information. We hope to tell you about it in a very simple language, like our previous post, our today’s post URL Shortener Website Se Paise Kaise Kamaye will also be sure about which we will give you all the information.

If we tell you that you can earn money by shortening the URL or website, you will be joking, but it is true that you can earn money like this online. For this, you will need a URL shortener so that you can convert any long URL to a short URL and then share it.

Making money by making money short is very easy. You just have to shorten the URL and then you place ads on that short URL. Now whatever your click on the link in this short URL, the ad is shown first and then its main You are taken to the page and you get the money from these advertisements.

So if you want to know about URL Short Kar Paise Kaise Kamaye, you will have to read our post from the beginning to the end, then you will get full information about what the short URL is and how to earn money from it So stay tuned to get all the information in our today’s post from beginning to end.

What is the URL shortener?

Google is the most searched search engine in that we search anything and the link to the web page that opens in front of you is called a URL. Shortener is a type of website that serves to make any long URL short. You have seen many websites that are very long, you can shorten them with the help of any Shortener and then earn money from them. You will need to promote that Short Link to earn money.

Whenever a user clicks on that short link, then the link will be sent to Shortener’s website first or will show an ad after which the user will take the main page. By doing this, the Shortener Company gets the money, which gives some part of it. is. Every Shortener Company gives different money, if seen on average, at 1 URL, you can add $ 1 to $ 10 if you have around 1000 View.

URL Shortener Websites

If you want to know about the website making Money by shortening the URL, then let’s know about some major Shortener website.

This is a very good URL Shortener Company. From here you can earn $ 2 to $ 5 by promoting a short URL and you also get the money to refer to it. You can get a 20% commission on referencing.

With the help of Short.am, we can easily shorten the bigger website. This is the website of a small network, in which you can earn from $ 5 to $ 8 on 1000 View. It will get good commission when you refer to it.

On this website, you get the facility of creating an account in Free and you can earn good money by joining with any Free Member and you get a good commission of Referral too.

This is a very good website for shortening the URL, in which you get $ 5 on every 1,000 view, besides this website guarantees you to pay $ 1.5 on 1000 View.

You can also get good money from the Shortener Company in it, you can get it from $ 8.5 to $ 14.5 on 1000 View, you can get it out of $ 10 and you get a 20% commission on referral, which gives you life time.

In this Shortener Company, you get $ 1000 on 1000 View. You can get it out of $ 5. You get 10% when you refer to it which is for Life Time.

This shortener website is very good, you get it at $ 13.5 for 1000 views, and the special thing is that you can only get it out of $ 1. You get 20% on referral, which is a life time.

URL Shortener Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

Now we will tell you the money by making an account on the Za.gl website. Step by Step

Step 1: Open Website
First of all, you have to open this Za.gl website on your system. You can also go to its website by clicking on the button below.

Step 2: Click On Sign Up
You will now have a Web Page Open in front of it, you will see a Sign Up button above it.

Step 3: Fill Your Registration Details
Now you will have a page open to register in front of which you will have to fill in some details such as Username, Email, Password and Re-enter Password, then after marking on I Agree and clicking on the Register Button, now you will be registered. .

Step 4: Login
Now you have to login it with your username and password.

Step 5: Show Option
Now you will have a Dashboard open here, you will see some options here.

Step 6: Shorten Your Link
Now you have to put the link here which you want to short and then click on Shorten Button below.

Step 7: Get Your Short Link
Now your link will be short, you can get it from there.

Step 8: Share and Earn Money
Now you have to share more of that link so that your view can be more.

Step 9: Show Your Earning
The number of views you have on your Dashboard and how much money you make

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