PUBG Mobile Game Pc Know PUBG Mobile Ko Pc Me Install Kaise Kare in a very easy language!

PUBG Mobile Laptop Me Install Kaise Kare Also you will learn today through this post. We will explain this in a very simple language. Hope you like all our posts. In the same way, you continue to like every post coming to our blog.

PUBG has become a game that is being played the most today and can be played in both mobile and computer. This game is a online game played by the Internet. In which you have to use the internet. It can not be played offline

This game has become a favorite game of all. This game has broken records of all the games. This game has become very popular among the youth. So far, it has been downloaded by more than 100 million people. To play it, there should be more space in your computer and mobile, then you will be able to play this game.

So let’s know PUBG Game Computer Me Kaise Khele To know this, you need to read this post PUBG Game Pc Me Kaise Khele from the beginning to the end. Only after reading the post will you get the correct and complete information.

PUBG Mobile Ko Pc Me Install Kaise Kare

To play this game on your computer you must first install it in the computer. So PUBG Game Pc Me Kaise Download Kare

Step: 1 Download Gaming Emulator
First of all you have to download Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator.

Step: 2 Tap On PUBG Icon
After downloading it to your computer, click on the PUBG icon.

Step: 3 Tap On Install Button
After clicking on the PUBG icon, click Install Button. After this, Emulator will be installed in your computer at Pc & Computer.

Step: 4 Download File
After installing, click Start. As soon as you click on Start 1.3 file of Gb will start downloading. It may take some time too. Once the files is downloaded, the game will be setup automatically at Pc and Laptop.

Step: 5 Tap On Start
Now click on Start and PUBG Mobile Game will start.

PUBG Emulator Ke Liye Requirement

This is what you need to know for the PUBG emulator.

Cpu: Dual Core From Or Amd At 1.8 Ghz
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 8600/9600 Gt, Ati / AMD Radeon Hd 2600/3600.
Memory: At Least 3gb Of Ram
Os: Windows 10,8.1, 8 and 7
Directx: Version 9.0c
Storage: 1gb Of Free Storage
PUBG Game Ke Weapons Aur Equipments
You need to know which weapons and equipments you get in this game. You can play this game only by them.

AWM Magnum Sniper Rifle
This is the best sniper rifle that kills the front enemy in a headshot. Whether its helmet level 3 can be too. Sniper Rifle you will find in the supply box, you just need 8xscop.

Kar98k (Or M24) Sniper Rifle
Kar 98 and M24 Sniper It is a very good sniper after AWM, which kills the enemy in 2 head shots and three body shots. For this, 7.62 bullets are available.

AKM Assault Rifle

This is a very great rifle. If 6x is scope, then easily kills the enemy standing away. If you have to shoot nearby, it is not so special.

M416 Assault Rifle

If the scope and AR are suspicious, this rifle is quite good. A 5.56 bullet for this rifle

PUBG Mobile Game Pc Par Kaise Khele

To play this game on a computer, you have to follow the steps given below. So let’s know PUBG Mobile Game Laptop Me Kaise Khele

When you start this game, then nothing is given to you. There is no weapon of any kind and nothing happens to you. Only through an aeroplane you are lowered with the help of a parachute on 8 × 8 Km Island where you get 100 players. Fighting with these 100 players, you have to avoid the last one.
The person who survives in the last is a Winner. You have to collect all the necessary items from the house that is built on this island.
If you kill an enemy, you can collect all the things where there is a green signal.
When you get down on the island, then this circle is bigger. You can see it by clicking on the right side in the map. Over time, this circle becomes too small. In it, you have to Survive.
You can play this game alone too. Can play with two people and with 4 people.
For too long you will be killed even if you live outside it. When the circle becomes small, this game is the most fun to play.

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